What are the benefit of Setting up a Collection in Shopify?

Collection in Shopify is grouping products to make it easier for customers to find them by category for example collection of clothes for men, women, certain types, etc. Setting up a collection in Shopify is associated with many benefits such as better navigation by customers, store organizing, segmenting customers, and saving time.


Shopping collections are a grouping of products set up to make it easier for the customer to browse all products within a certain category. Grouping can be based on price, colors, occasional, events, themes, specific offers, or anything you may like. In this article, I will discourse on the benefits of setting up a collection on Shopify.

The benefits of setting up a collection in Shopify are:

Better customer navigation

Shopify collections are a terrific way to show off what your store offers while also making it easier for customers to navigate through your store. Shopify collection enables the user to feel a friendly shopping experience enabling him/her to determine whether to buy a product or service. Customers are able to spot easier and keep on visiting the site more conveniently to check on their desired items or product. 

Organize your store

In a shopping collection setup, products in the store are organized well to help the customer drill down what they are shopping for example use of tags to organize by colors, size, type, styles, etc. Shopify also specializes in simple and nested collections where simple collections organize the collection in their simple form e.g. women’s clothing things while nested collections organize products that are large in amounts. Organized store looks always attractive to customers and this can even boost sales

Customers Segment

Shopify collections can be used to segment customers who have similar characteristics into similar segments. They are created so one can send targeted emails or adds e.g you create a collection for VIPs customers and give them exclusive access to particular products or sales

Safe time

Setting up a collection in Shopify  help in saving customers shopping time since they organize products in a logical manner. Also when one set up an online store fast understands products better, and knows unique selling points, best sellers, or different product categories to cater to different groups of customers. The product is arranged based on sizes, types, and styles helping customers with sport-specific products targeted quickly. Also, collections in Shopify create product bundles, aka collections that help customers easily and quickly find what they need.

Help Improve SEO

Besides, if you arrange your sub assortment appropriately, it could assist with helping your SEO. Shopify sub assortments in Shopify layout a characteristic progressive system tree on your site by utilizing a URL structure called an actual storehouse. Because of the actual storehouse, Google can rapidly slither your site and better figure out your business. This suggests that Google has more trust in your site and application while attempting to match it to pertinent inquiries, and your pages are bound to rank higher in the list items and get more snaps


You can group your products in the online store into collections to make it easier for customers to find them by category. Some of the collections that one can create are clothes for men, women, or children. Items of a certain type, lamps, cushions, or rugs can also be categorized for product collection purposes. Sunbowl shopify experts has many benefits like saving customer’s time, organizing online stores, improving site SEO, segmenting customers, and many others.

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