Understanding the 10 best online learning English courses

English is one of the major languages around the globe as it is spoken by many. English has its origin in Great Britain. Over the past centuries, it was passed on from Britain to other nations in the world. one of the major agents was colonization. British colonies adopted this language and began using it.

In the recent past, people from non-English speaking countries have developed an interest in learning this language. Most of them have different reasons as to why they want to learn English. Some of the reasons may include; job opportunities in English-speaking countries, scholarships, or others just wanting to know the language.

Learning English has been made easier as one can learn English language courses online. Various platforms offer these courses online.

The following are the 10 best online learning English courses.

English for beginners.

This is a 77-hour course that is best for those who are very new. It is on-demand format makes this course convenient to fit into busy schedules. It is open to all students who don’t have prior knowledge of the language. This course adds more than 1000 expressions, idioms, and words to beginners’ English vocabulary. Learners also become confident and fluent speakers, read well at an intermediate level, and understand the flow of the language.

English for career development

This is an English course online aimed at providing extensive vocabulary which will help one navigate their career easily. This includes being able to pass information and receive information within an organization and communicate with fellow workers. This course teaches English through business skills such as; resumes, CVs, interviews, job searching, and cover letters. This course is taken mostly by English learners hoping to work in English-speaking countries.

English for professional speaking.

This is an online English course that can take 16-17 hours. It provides a platform to improve one’s English communication skills. It focuses majorly on conversational English mainly in business and sales interactions. Students are taught fluency, and pronunciation and learn the impact of language on culture. It features presentations, networking, sales pitches, and knowledge testing through quizzes, performance, and practice.

English communication skills perfection

It has a series of modules that are aimed at improving business English. Students are taught how to speak in meetings, write emails, network online, and give presentations. This course requires a minimum of 3hrs a week across a period of 5 months. Graded assignments, peer feedback, and regular quizzes are used to keep learners in the loop.

With these modules, one can choose according to his level to meet their requirements, that is; academics, career development, professionalism, and many others. Learning the English language courses online are a simple and easy way of learning and improving your English. Online you can easily access these courses from anywhere.

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