Uses of Viking arm tool

The Viking arm is an innovative universal tool. Window clamping, fixing of doors, lifting of items to the required position are among the multiple Viking arm tool uses. It has been proven that, this tool can lift a weight of over 150kgs. Therefore, this means that it has no limit on what to do.

The following are uses of the tool that shows how useful it is.

 Installation of doors and windows

This is a task that requires lifting and holding the items in position for proper installation. It can require more than one person to fix it. But with this useful tool, you can make installations without any assistance. This indicates that it can help you perform a task and complete it by yourself.

Construction of decks

The installation of decking can be done smoothly and efficiently with the use of a viking arm tool. This useful tool ensures that the decks are tight and in the reguired position and also uses less effort and time to fix them.

Installation of flooring and dry wall

Viking arm tool uses can be achieved by application of compression. Flouring and dry wall are part of construction that requires compression. With the use of this tool, one can achieve compression of tight flooring and dry walls effectively. This makes it useful for both professional and personal use.

Handling and lifting weights of objects.

This is among the most efficient viking arm tool uses. A viking arm can handle weight capacity of up to 150kgs, this is a task that requires several machines. This shows that this tool uses specifications to perform its tasks. It is used to lift items like furniture, windows, steel and wood frames and more up to 330lbs. The tool provides a way of making the work easier. 

Installation of cabinets

Installation of cabinets is a task that requires more than one man power, since it requires lifting and holding the cabinets in position. A Viking arm tool can do the task while you do the installation of the cabinets.

Used in pressing and tightening

Viking arm tool uses compression and tightening with control and precision, a task that many tools cannot do. But with the use of a Viking arm, most of those tasks are easier to achieve.

In conclusion, since Viking arm tool uses are multiple and more effective, this makes it a dream of many to own such a precious too. It is a tool that professionals like constructors, plumbers among others should have.

Viking Jack Tool

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